Indian Leader Says Coronavirus Can Be Treated By Cow Urine

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, President of Hindu Mahasabha says Cow Urine is the only solution to the latest Chinese Coronavirus.

While the world researches struggle to find the treatment for Coronavirus, this Indian leader has claimed a strange solution to this big problem;

The secret to my fitness is that i drink Cow urine and have the extracts from Cow dung.

He says that he is 100% sure that cow dung and urine will be able to kill coronavirus and will end almost every symptom of coronavirus.

Cow dung and urine will stop effects of coronavirus in a body.

He also said that he will perform special rituals to fight Coronavirus, says Chakrapani.

India is currently one of those countries which are trying to evacuate from China after coronavirus as the WHO declaration of Emergency. India also reported cases of Coronavirus in the country.

Meanwhile, comment by Hindu Leader has been made a lot of people to make a mockery by Indians on Social Media.

This isn’t the first time Hindu leaders have commented about Cow wastes.

He also said that Cow dung and urine can even absorb nuclear radiation. This claim was marked as FUNNY by Indian researchers and scientists.


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