Turn Your Picture into Halloween Profile Pictures Easily With This Site

Looking to turn normal images into spooky pictures? This simple online website helps you in creating Halloween profile pictures.

Halloween is about to arrive, But you will probably have to cancel or postpone them this year and instead spend a lonely evening at home with a scotch bottle which is what I will be doing anyway. 

Still, the social restrictions do not mean that you will not be able to try the new devilish looks while being in the comfort of home. With the help of the magic of AI, you will be able to transform yourself or anyone picture you have purloined into a scary zombie.

halloween picture transformation min

Halloween the most horrific night is almost here!

Turn your picture into Halloween Profile Pictures

Just check out this scary creature and the results will surely impress you.

Do not let this chance miss out to make terrific postcards with the help of these stickers. Available for free and can be done in some seconds. 

It is also very simple to choose a picture from your device or capture a picture at a moment. Once it is done you can use awesome stickers.

We have made a selection of stickers to make postcards so you can surprise your friends and wish them a scary and happy Halloween.

Jose Brown Kramer the apps creator made this system by first transferring learning a styleGAN2 zombie generator. He adjusted it to develop a hybrid model made up of earlier layers from a human generator and later ones from the zombie generator

Kramer explained on Reddit that I dumped 50,000 pairs of images. Firstly from the human styleGAN2  generator and then secondly with the same latent space representation. And then went through the zombie generator. Further, he included that he used Pix2PixHD to learn a mapping from the pairs.

The system stores no record of your image, so transforming into a zombie can be fairly painless as stated by Kramer.

Get ready to check out another old man transforming into a demon spawn of Chucky.


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