China Alerts The World About H10N3 Bird Flu Wave, Reports First Human Infection

Beijing, China: In the latest worrying development, China has confirmed the first H10N3 bird flu human infection, warning the world about another virus outbreak.

Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) published a statement that a 41-year-old male belonging to the eastern city of Zhenjiang was admitted to the hospital on 28th April 2021, showing the symptoms of high fever. On 28th May 2021, the same person was diagnosed with H10N3.

Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) confirms that the patient is in stable condition but not clear to be discharged from the hospital.

Chinese health authorities have also examined the close family, friends, and people the patient met in the last 2 months under observation to check if they have developed any symptoms yet.

Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) further detailed that H10N3 is a low pathogenic in poultry and named the incident a sporadic case of virus transmission via poultry to humans. Fortunately, they confirmed it would not be as big as a pandemic, but it can still become deadly for those who consume chicken in their food.

Furthermore, the Regional Laboratory coordinator of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, Filip Claes, commented on this worrying development and said that the H10N3 bird flu strain is a rare disease, and virus virus virus virus transmission chicken to humans is worrying.

Filip Claes also said that there are a number of poutry infections are currently present in China.

The last wave of bird flu in China between 2016 to 2017 killed 300 people.

Where H10N3 Bird Flu is found?

It is found in Zhenjiang, China.

Can you eat chicken during H10N3 Bird Flu?

According to the medical experts, you should avoid eating chicken during the bird flu wave.

Can H10N3 Bird Flu transmitted to humans?

Yes, it can be transmitted. The first case of transmission is confirmed by China.


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