Bill Gates Predicted Coronavirus Back in 2019 Before It First Came Out

Did you know Bill Gates predicted coronavirus back in 2019 even before the first case of this virus came out.

Back in 2019, Bill Gates at a conference in Massachusetts Medical Society had warned about the Coronavirus epidemic by saying that the global epidemic is sooner than we think.

Bill Gates had predicted SARS-CoV also known as Coronavirus has broken out in China. He also added that this virus can kill 33 million people all around the world if the scientists can’t find a cure within six months after the breakout.

Bill Gates also said that such things are from War. And urged the community to be ready to fight the war against this pandemic just like we do for war.

Gates added that the world isn’t doing enough to make adequate changed about pandemic preparedness, he added;

In the case of threats that are biological, the urgent action is lacking. The world should be ready for pandemics in the exact same way the way to do for war.

Bill Gates

This theory is also explained in Netflix’s documentary called “The Next Pandemic” where Bill Gates can be seen talking about how the virus, just like corona, spreads in “live animal” markets, just like the one in Wuhan, China. In the documentary it is explained:

There is a wet marketing in China, in Lianghua area, which is very unlikely of the Markets in the west china, where animals are already dead evevn before they arrive at the market. They change the meat and then sell it in the market as if it is a fresh meat, which is a fraud. That is the kind of thing which produceses disease X factory. Many animals were stacked on each other, their blood mixed with each other which eventually transmit from human to human. And due to this all the viruses are being mutated and mixed with each other. It can make diseases which haven’t seen before and it usually take 4 to 5 years before medical staff creates a vaccine.

Bill Gates

More than a year after the conference, a similar virus, as predicted by Bill Gates. The Chinese have confirmed that about 90,000 people have been infected. WHO has also declared an emergency after Coronavirus.


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