13 Differences That Will Enhance Your Knowledge

13 Differences will surely enhance your knowledge, do you know why? because many of us think that these words mean the same, although in English the meanings of these words are entirely different.

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These are the 13 differences which all of us should know;

1. Difference between Alligators and Crocodiles

alligators crocodiles difference

Alligators are found mostly in the jungles because they’re wilder than Crocodiles and more harmful.

2. Difference between Biscuits and Cookies

biscuits cookies difference

Many of us used to think that these words means the same and the major difference is just British and American English, well, you’re wrong there!

3. Difference Between Butter and Margarine

butter margarine difference

Usually, we buy margarine thinking it is butter, there is a huge difference in taste between Butter and Margarine. Margarine is also not recommended by doctors.

4. Difference between Cupcakes and Muffins

cupcakes muffins difference

Those who loves bakeries, must know this difference. But most of the new English learners do not know this difference.

5. Difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom

great britian united kingdom difference

And it was UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island) who left the European Union.

6. Difference between Jam and Jelly

jam jelly difference

We’d be surprized if you didn’t know this!

7. Difference between Mouse and Rat

mouse rat different

Most of us call Rat a mouse and a mouse a mice. lol

8. Difference between Orange and Tangerine

orange tangerine difference

They tastes the same but the Vitamins in both can differ.

9. Difference between Rabbits and Hares

Rabbits hares difference

They also have a very different lifestyles, although they look same but they’re different in many ways.

10. Difference between Shrimp and Prawn

shrimp prawn difference 13 Differences

They have different types of sepcialities as well.

11. Difference between Tofu and Paneer

tofu paneer difference 13 Differences

Just like Butter and Margarine, there is a huge difference in tastes between these two as well.

12. Difference between Turtle and Tortoise

turtle tortoise difference 13 Differences

That is why people prefer to keep Tortoise as a pet rather than a Turtle which needs natural habitat.

13. Difference between Weather and Climate

weather climate difference 13 Differences

This will make your daily weather and hourly climate update better.

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