Mobile World Congress 2020 Cancelled after Coronavirus Outbreak

Mobile World Congress 2020 Cancelled
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It is official! Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC 2020) is cancelled due to Coronavirus fear.

John hoffman CEO GSMA confirmed that MWC 2020 won’t happen. He confirmed in an email with bloomberg. This conference is world’s biggest smartphone conference.

The event was already done as Facebook, Nokia, BT, AT&T and many other brands pulled off from the main event.

Not just these, Sony, Nvidia, Erricsson and many other had also pulled off from the Mobile World Congress 2020.

Coronavirus has spread across 25 countries infecting more than 45,000 people killing more than 1,100 people all around the world.

Hoffman also said that in case the MWC 2020 happens few months later, they will ban people from Hubei province in China to attend the event.

MWC 2020 is a massive mobile conference which features about 70% smartphones made by Chinese manufacturers.

MWC 2020 created 14,000 and cancelling this event has costed GSMA about 492 Million euros.

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