McDonald’s To Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) At Their Drive Thrus – BBC

McDonalds To Use Artificial Intelligence AI At Their Drive Thru
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McDonald’s is set to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their Drive Thru to gain more sales from the customers.

You might think that the deals you’re going to order are in your brain when you reach the Drive-thru but the Dynamic AI menus installed at the McDonald’s drive-thru may want you to buy something else.

McDonald’s is introducing AI experience to their drive-thru is coming soon this year. This came after they acquired Machine Leaning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300 Million dollars.

Dynamic Yield’s “Decision Technology” will be implemented at the McDonald’s drive-Thrus to give the customers a different experience. That means the items listed on the menu will change as you add different things in the cart.

So in short, if you order a Burger, the menu will push you to buy Fries and after you buy fries the menu will change to beverages, persuading a customer to “BUY MORE”.

This technology will also take Weather into consideration, if the weather is Hot, it will suggest you to buy a cold drink or cold coffee. If the weather is cold, it will automatically suggest a Hot coffee.

Wired reported that McDonald’s were already testing this technology in their restaurants and now they’re expanding their testing to more 1,000 different locations.

Their long term plan is to install the AI to at least 14,000 locations and kiosks in the US restaurants.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO said this technology will further enhance their sales, as Artificial Intelligence will also make the work more efficient.

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