What is the Dark Moon? People Saw The Rare Black Moon This Month

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What does Black Moon Means? At the start and end of the monthly lunar process, a New Moon appears in the night skies every 29.5 days, approximately. However, the Black Moons are very rare and take place every 32 months only. The lunar orb’s sunlit part will not face closer to the planet within the New Moon.

This phase of the black moon disappears from the sight temporarily and cannot be visible to the naked eye, consequently. Astronomers have estimated that the New Moon appeared on the 19th of August at 3.41 am BST (2.41 am UTC).

types of moon phases

Despite the fact that it won’t be visible again, every New Moon cannot be considered as Black Moon.

This recent New Moon is a rare Black Moon. After every 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes a New Moon takes place.

Dark moon

The lunar cycle of the Moon marks a few milestones. A tiny silver of the Moon’s crescent slowly appears in the skies at the peak of a cycle, as it forms into a Full Moon. Then before starting a new one, it starts to get invisible again.

phases of the moon

As the term is not scientific, similar to a Blue Moon or a Blood Moon, no consensus is present concerning its exact meaning. According to a definition, a Dark Moon is the consequence of two appeared New Moons within the same month of the calendar.

When will next Black Moon rises (Dark Moon Rises)

This is totally a rare type of appearance that takes place only in February after every 5 to 10 years. This term is often used for every New Moon as their lunar phase gets shrouded in darkness.

The Black Moon of tomorrow comprises of this definition because it is the third appearance of 4 New Moons in this summer. It is a piece of good news for the stargazer as the nights would be darker.


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