Keeping Water Bottles in Car Can Overturn Your Car

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People usually keep around water bottles in car to keep them hydrated. Which can even lead to a deadly road accident.

However, you might now want to make sure that it is placed in the right component of the car or not as; you might be putting your life and the lives of others on the road at risk.

A Facebook page is known as Polis Daerah Pendang recently stated that keeping a water bottle in your car could turn out a road hazard.

People often leave their water bottles below the seats of passengers or drivers when they opt to drive. This practice may turn out dangerous as you might lose car control if the bottle rolls out and gets stuck under your brake pedal or car accelerator, creating a blockage in the tools. It doesn’t matter if the bottle is 250 ml or 1.5 liters; it might cause big trouble.

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The post further explained that the delayed function of car tools would be enough to cause accidents. A collision would occur within a few seconds only. Their post further encouraged the drivers to develop and manage compartments inside their cars to place the bottles.

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Yet if you still can’t manage portions, make sure to place them at secure places where they wouldn’t roll down under the seats.

Netizen further added as a reminder that they must stay more careful and keep their cars tidy and check time to time to ensure no cans or bottles are present under their car seats.

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Per a Sin Chew Daily, an informant belonging to the Department of Civil Defense (APM) shared that in a recent accident, the cause appeared a rolled down bottle of a child, which resulted in the whole family’s death present in that car.

Keep your car bottles managed and stay safe!


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