Huawei’s New OS Hongmeng is 60 Times Faster Than Android

Huaweis New OS Hongmeng is 60 Times Faster Than Android
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Huawei is hitting back at the US by introducing their new OS Hongmeng which is 60 times more faster than Android. Which is set to release in September 2019.

According to Huawei, they had been working on their own Operating System for the last seven years and further said that the production of the new operating system is completed.

Google has currently lifted the ban for 90 days, meaning the existing Huawei customers will continue to get updates for the next 90 days, including their Android app and all.

What is Hongmeng’s release date?

Huaweis New OS Hongmeng is 60 Times Faster Than Android

The Chief Executive Officer of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, said that the new Operating System will be available for download from September 2019.

Hongmeng will be able to run Android and iOS apps

This is going to be the biggest set back for Android as the CTO of Huawei confirms that the new OS will be able to run Android apps. And to achieve that cause, they’re in talks with Apptoide which is a standalone alternative for Google play.

But there are some rumors which are suggesting that not just Android but this new OS will be able to run iOS applications too.

We have also shared the exclusive screenshots of Hongmeng in our latest blog post.

Is Hongmeng better than Android?

We’re still unsure as we didn’t get any UI/UX of their new OS so right now it is not the perfect time to comment on it. But after listening to a number of conferences done by Huawei past week, we’re sure that this new Operating System Hongmeng is indeed that can shake the foundations of Android.

But, this is clear that Android will put up a great show to come ahead of this hongmeng. This is surely going to be one hell of a fight between Huawei and Android to get the market leader. If Huawei succeeds in making their new OS better and more reliable than android than the world will see a revolution in the field of technology.

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THIS IS A BIG LESSON FOR THE BIG MOUTH HOOLIGAN AT TRUMP ADMINISTRATION….. the China already have the best weapon to silence America…. and yet China is keeping silence all the while. USA will be shocked to death when they learn how China could over come USA militarily.

Cheemeng siew

I will huawei.even n rest of android rubbish.!

David N

yes, indeed the American and westerners have dominated the world of commerce and technology for a longtime and has been refused to recognized the rising of an Asian China who may takes over as the world’s largest economy and possible leads on certain advance technology !

A fish

Still cannot use Google play though


What Trump and the United States have done is totally unacceptable, unprofessional, acts of hooliganism, etc


My next phone will be a Huawei phone instead of samsung phone 🙂 ………………Going to support Huawei all the way against the unethical ,dishonest hypocritical usa government + orange clown trump 🙂


Samsung is Korean


Its said Samsung as Public listed is majority own by US fund. Same for Jp corps like Softbank, Toshiba, etc. That’s how US controlled the world, so its angry that Huawei is employees ownership.


That is the way to go. Lets all unite behind Huawei and China and teach the USA a thing or two. They are not our master and Lord.


Yes! I am from Singapore and I support HuaWei against the dotard Trump

Ivan Ong

Now got HuaWei P30 Pro 256 GBs

l a tan

Its time to TELL the US that we are all equals and should be respected as such and DO NOT push us around, whether we are a First World Country or a Third World Country. Only when we are united then only will the US wake up to their bullying. Lets compete on equal and fair grounds, lets grow and progress together for a better world.


I am rooting for Hongmeng.

Just a guy

China is all along been an unwilling party to this trade war conflict. Trump knows the trade war is going to have an adverse effect on global economy but chose to disregard it anyway. Until now, there hasnt been 1 single solid evidence on all of his accusations on Huawei. For example, he falsely claimed Huawei of its copyright infringement. I find that to be amusing as Iphone has a 4G network whereas Huawei had already achieve 5G which is a notch ahead of the rest. How does that make sense? In addition, he also threathens the European countries not… Read more »


Acts of a very desperate man, one that has no scruples, and will go all the way out to contain Huawei and China. There is nothing dangerous about Huawei as claimed by Trump and his henchmen. In fact the danger is the USA under Trump and his henchmen.


is that possible to run the new OP in curren users phone?

lee she mae

I wish china will make laptop computers like apple.


Check xiaomi laptops but i think it’s not available globally

lee she mae

Thank you, i will check xiaomi.

Mr Hakim

Huawei did makes its own laptop available in my country (Malaysia)


Including P9?


Juz a lot of hype at the moment..anyone can say one is stronger & runs faster than the competition but without any real benchmarks done outside China…it’s juz alot of saliva talk..


With China population, their sample size represents 1/6th of the world population. I believe their results are valid and presentable.


is hongmeng currently released to the chinese population in China?

chung shi tok

Goodbye Huawei!

Sabre Cruz

Don’t underestimate China. I’m sure you and I will be salivating once HONGMENG is released.


You are absolutely right… just like what the US is doing, Huawei is a serious national security threat, they have backdoors and report back to the CCP, they engage in IP theft, espionage, etc… that is what the US has been telling the world BUT even until today the US has to yet been able to present any evidence of their claims.

As far as Huawei’s claim, I will go with that.


Shake the foundations of Android? Big talk. Look at Windows phone and Blackberry OS, some of us don’t even know they existed once.


Fingers cRossed.


Is time to kick Apple ass


The Cheeto with the rug on his head is now gonna cry

John phoon

I’ve switched my SIM from
Iphone to Huawei mate 20 …. anyway Mate 20 features n pictures quality anytime better the Iphone …. initially bought Iphone because of snobbish factor but now using iphone is more like a bullying n traitor factor ….

Yeo Ta Wen

Yes to Huawei’s HongMeng, No! to Huawei’s expensive memory card


this is what HAPPEN when ZIONIST americans try to playout Chinese Communist


gg huawei…cant wait to get the new OS on my p20pro…never back down


What’s the point of having an OS of you don’t have ARM or Intel or AMD licenses

teach the moron

like google


The Chinese took over AMD’s factory in Suzhou China.


well they have HiSilicon for that


you guys realise china has banned facebook, twitter, google search, whatsapp etc. and replaced those with government supported copies to heavily surveillance their people right ?

Jimmy lui beu ak bean kong

China number one
China is ready
China love earth
No war made peace


We stand with China….. A Pakistani boy


Well with 5G in the background-Huawei OS -I’m sure is already for this, apps developers are not smart if they do not support Hongmeng, & will be left behind. As for bully Trumpet – USA will even have a higher ladder to climb or may never be able to catch up – period. Having being pushed against a Clift wall – the only way is up

It’s USA versus World


If Huawei launches 5G & Hongmeng OS which they claim to be 60 times faster than Android,The Commander in Cheat would seething with anger,turning his Golden brown hair into a Silvery one.


USA is indeed a cruel country. I love the Huawei Phone. TRUMP is indeed a big devil in disguise.


Trump must stop and reverse the trade war evil action, otherwise a big curse will just dawn upon him. It is just waiting to swallow him to his death bed.