How to use iMessage On Windows and Android

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Many iMessage users are unable to use their apps on Windows PCs and laptops, and Android phones. With this little tweak, you will be able to use your iMessage on your Windows and Android smartphones.

A big thanks to the CEO and Founder of Pebble smartwatch, Eric Migicovsky, for creating an app called Beeper, which allows windows and android users to use iMessage on different platforms.

Beeper is a messaging app that connects different accounts in one app that includes Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and more!

This is probably the only way you can get iMessage working on cross-platform;

Total Time: 10 minutes

Goto Beeperhq website

Click Get Started

Add your details and the Apps you want to connect

After filling up the form, you will be redirected to the beeperhq website

You will get the download link within 24 hours

This app is currently in beta version, so it accepts sign up forms to give access to all of the people who signed up only. Still, it will soon be available for everyone.

Although this app has a loophole, to use it, you must keep your Mac up and running, which can be strange.

If you do not own a Mac, Beeper is sending jailbroken iPhones with the Beeper app pre-installed. It is weird, but the CEO Migicovsky tweeted a photo that claims that the company has already sent several jailbroken iPhones to those who signed up on their website.

The monthly subscription cost for the Beeper app is $10 a month to add more details to it.

Users can head over to their website to know more about their app.

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