Google Fuchsia OS Download for PC and Android

We have been getting lots of emails about where to get Google Fuchsia OS Download for PC and Android. We are now answering this question for you.

Google Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia OS is Google’s open-source operating system. IT first came to attention in August 2016. The meaning of Fuchsia drove from Pink + Purple = Fuchsia. IT is based on Linux Kernel, Zircon.

Fuchsia OS written in;

  • C
  • C++
  • Dart
  • Go
  • Rust
  • Python

Because of Zircon Kernel (once known as Magenta), the base code is different from Chrome OS and Android. Back in January 2018, Google successfully ran Fuchsia on Pixelbooks, but it is still in development as the company did not give any news regarding installing the latest Operating System

Google Fuchsia OS Download for PC

You can not download the operating system to your PC as of now, but you can try the operating system from your web browser, simply head over to the button below to check out the demo.

Google Fuchsia OS Download for Android

You can get it for your ANdroid smartphone device from the button below.

But in January 2019, Fuchsia was added to AOSP (Android Open Source PRoject). After that, Google also launched the official website for the operating system, welcoming freelance collaborators from all around the world.

Google has been working on this operating system for quite a while. There have been some reports that suggest Google might change the name to evolve the product.

The UI is similar to a clean screen with sticky notes type of thing, which is minimal yet, goal focused.

This is not yet confirmed whether Google is creating this operating system as a replacement for Android and Chrome OS. Many suggest it can be only for the automotive industry.

You might feel issues while using these demos, because this operating system is still under construction.


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