Best Android 11 Features

Best Android 11 Features That Makes It A Perfect OS

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Android 11 features are filled with some exciting features that Android enthusiasts would love to get their hands on.

Best Android 11 Features To Focus On

These are one of the best features of Android 11;

History of notifications

History of notifications android 11

For its users, Android 11 is now offering the option to check their notifications history concerning accessed applications in the past.

Pin any application in the share menu

Pin application share menu android 11
Android Authority

The operating system bought this feature to excite and ease the lives of its users. Now applications can be easily accessed by pinning them on your menu.

The conversation bubbles

conversation bubbles android 11
Android Authority

Android 11 came up with the option of an interesting feature that will give you an option to select conversation bubbles similar to what Facebook Messenger serves.

Screen recording

Screen recording android 11
Android Police

You can now record your screen three seconds after the start of the recording. But, its record settings still aren’t confirmed like the screen’s audio recording is turned on or off and more.

Improved applications permissions

applications permissions android 11
Android Authority

The passionate android developers created the android system, a more safe place. Hence, Android 11 comprises an improved application permissions system that makes you more selective and safe.

Enhanced notification shade conversations

notification shade conversations android 11
Android Authority

The update of shade conversation divides the notifications of the conversations below a single banner that allows you to acquire and concede them in their own place.

The dark theme being context-oriented

dark theme android 11
Gadget Hacks

You can utilize its dark mode by setting schedules for it to turn on automatically on reaching the specific time and turn off in a similar manner.

Other small features of Android 11

Along with these mentioned above, Android 11 has also;

  • Increased touch sensitivity to manage a similar level of control when protected with a screen protector.
  • An airplane mode that won’t affect Bluetooth.
  • Invented new motion sense feature for Pixel 4 to run Music.
  • Got those Pixel themes through which you can opt the clock.
  • Planned to bring a motion gesture for taking screenshots.
  • A Pixel 4 Face Unlock option that would work on opened eyes.
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