Google Launches Official Coronavirus Website

Official Coronavirus Website
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Google on Saturday has launched an official coronavirus website that will include guidance, prevention and how to get testing for it.

The website (, contains a number of links and resources that are mainly focused on giving verified news of Covid-19, the website is available in more countries and in more languages in the upcoming days, google mentioned in the blog.

Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai, last Sunday said in the blog post that Google is shaking hands with the US government to make a website which will bust all the fake news.

The website will help the users to find real-time information, which is currently linked to the US only, but Google has promised to bring a tailored website for each country, the release of this endeavor is delayed due to lockdowns.

Google also canceled its Google Developer Conference 2020 due to Coronavirus as they believed that this event would harbor visitors from all around the world.

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