What Is Backseat Gaming and What Does It Mean?

When a person is watching you while playing a game and tells you what to do is called backseat gaming. (When you are new and do not know how to play) Sometimes it can be beneficial, or it may annoy you as well.

Backseat gaming is basically the same as backseat driving.

The only difference in this is that while you are playing, a person is watching you and telling you what to do more annoyingly. Generally, they think that it’s straightforward and do not know the actual difficulty you are having.

Instead of considering it extremely easy, they keep telling you what you should have done or what to do.

In the backseat driving, the passenger guides the driver and tells him when to brake and how to do other things. Backseat gaming is the same as backseat driving because the spectator guides the gamer and tells what to do and how to aim etc.

In both cases, the guide tries to control the outcomes with no control over the system by influencing the system’s actual controller.

Imagine like you are going for a summer vacation in California with your friend jack, who pays for it. You and Dillion are sitting in the back while jack is driving, and his girlfriend called shotty.

There are many sites for sightseeing and side trips to see. Along the way, you continuously Tell Jack where to go and what to do, but jack already has a different plan. You keep telling him which turns to take and with shortcuts he should use because you have been on this trip earlier even though he is driving and has planned his vacation.

Basically, the backseat gaming terminology is applied in games when someone wants to play the game instead of the person who is playing in real life.

Another example is a plane or jet where the one captain flies the plane while the co-pilot always makes the decisions.


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