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Microsoft announces a new feature that allows users to Stream Xbox One Games On Android smartphones with this official app by Xbox.

Microsoft has launched Console streaming on the Xbox One that is now allowing the Xbox gamers to stream games to android smartphones. This feature comes before the release the Project xCloud which is a cloud streaming server which the company is testing.

Xbox Console Streaming

Xbox Console Streaming is supporting each and every game in your Xbox but sadly all the Xbox 360 is not supported as of now. You can simply install any game on your Xbox One and can stream easily on Android smartphone or tablet that supports the Android operating system.

You will need at least Android 6 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0. You also need an Xbox One wireless controller to stream and play it on your phone.

This feature is currently available for Xbox Insiders in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Microsoft saying that this feature will soon come to other regions as well such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and other countries.

Xbox Console Streaming Requirements

  • 4.75 MBPS internet is minimum while 9 MBPS internet speed is required.
  • Network latency should be 125 ms or less. (60 ms is preferred).

Stream Xbox One Games On Android

Try out the Xbox Game Streaming app on Google App store to stream all of your games to Android smartphones and tablets right away.


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