Play Steam Games On Mac With The Steam Link

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You can play steam games on Mac, thanks to the Steam Link feature which allows the connection of high end PC games on your Mac.

If you are an indoor gamer and enjoy playing games on your computer, you may find it interesting that the Stream Link app on macOS has been released by Valve. With the help of this, the users of macOS will be able to connect to another local computer, and through Mac, you will also be able to stream games.

Valve is the developer of the app Stream link through which users can stream games from different platforms. For example, from a computer to a phone or from one computer to another. For some mac users, it will be very beneficial, especially for those who could not play some games due to Mac compatibility and hardware issues.

Any computer should play the game since the processing of games is done on another computer, and it does away with some of the bottlenecks. The fastest WiFi connection, 5GHz WiFi or an Ethernet connection, has been recommended by Valve for gamers.

A few years back, the Stream link app was debuted by Valve, and it also some issues, but at that time, Apple was against streaming apps. The problems have been sorted out, and they are available on the Mac app store if you want to get your hands on them.

Mostly it’s scarce to see big AAA games debuting on macOS. The steam link will be beneficial on Macs. Typically most Mac users have to use virtualization apps, dual boot windows, or even steam games to access most of the available titles.

Earlier this month, a big update was released out by Valve to its remote play together. Through which stream, users will be able to play local multiplayer games with friends over the internet.


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