Minecraft Best Level For Diamonds 2023

Minecraft, an ever-evolving sandbox game has taken over gamers with its new updates that have changed the way resources mainly diamonds are acquired in the game.

Due to changes made in recent updates, players need to be aware of the latest information to find diamonds efficiently. 

Diamond generation changes

In previous versions of Minecraft, diamonds were commonly found in underground caves and mines from Y level 12 onwards. However, recent updates have significantly changed the distribution and availability of diamonds. Diamonds are now more common in a wider range of Y levels, especially Y levels 14 to -63.

Cave Update

With the Minecraft cave update, the best Y level to find diamonds is below Y level -58. Note that the mention of Y-level -59 is due to the height of the character, “Waist” being Y-level -58. Both Y-level -57 and depths down to Y-level -61 are also rich in deep slate diamond ore. Therefore, concentrating mining operations at these elevations has the highest chance of efficient extraction of diamonds. 

Mining strategy to acquire diamonds

Branch Mining: After reaching Y level -58, you will find branch mining techniques to be the most effective. This method mines two blocks in a straight line, one at eye level and one below, then branches off into the other tunnel. This approach allows extensive coverage of the area, increasing the likelihood of diamond deposits being discovered. 

Open Pit Mining:

MINECRAFT Open Pit Mining

Another method is open pit mining. In this method, players only mine blocks at eye level in a straight line, exposing blocks above and below in small holes. This approach saves time and effort but requires carrying a trapdoor and can be difficult to implement.

Loot Chests:


In addition to traditional mining methods, players can also find diamonds in loot chests. These chests are scattered throughout the Overworld, Endlands, and Nether. Chests found in Mine Shafts, End Cities, Shipwrecks, Villages, Jungle Temples, Stronghold Altars, Strongholds, Desert Temples, and Buried Gold have a chance to reward Diamonds.



Enchanting a pickaxe with the Efficiency enchantment can greatly reduce the mining time of Deepslate blocks. Diamonds are required to craft the most powerful gear in the game, so it’s a good idea to collect enough diamonds before transitioning to diamond tools and armor. 

Bottom Line

In Minecraft, the diamond quest has been redesigned with an update that expands the range of Y levels where diamonds can be found. By focusing on mining Y Tier -58 and below, players increase their chances of mining diamonds efficiently. Strategies such as branch and strip mining offer effective ways to explore these depths.

Additionally, exploring chests and considering enchantments can improve the diamond acquisition process. Armed with this knowledge, players can confidently go hunting for diamonds, craft powerful gear, and delve deeper into the world of Minecraft.


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