Everything You Need To Know About Google Stadia In Singapore

Google Stadia is set to release in Singapore, which will let you play games on Smartphone, TV, Tablet and anywhere you can!

Lots of people in Singapore are having lots of queries related to Google Stadia release, so Digital Phablet decided to answer everything for you.

When will Google Stadia release in Singapore?

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Google Stadia will soon be up for everyone after its Beta version ends, which is restricted to many people, mostly social influences in Singapore. Currently, no final date has been confirmed by the Google Singapore.

How much Google Stadia subscription will cost in Singapore?

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In Singapore, Google Stadia will cost around S$. 20 to S$. 27 per month.

Do i need a Graphics Card to play games on Google Stadia in Singapore?

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No! You do not need any Graphics card to use it, it will be like a Youtube of Gaming, you can simply login and start playing. Only Internet speed matters.

What should be the Internet Speed if i am playing games on Google Stadia in Singapore?

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As per Kontaku, you need 25 MBPS internet speed to play games at 1080p with 60 FPS.

Will iOS devices in Singapore will be able to stream it?

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We think, Google will do something about it as Apple is a clear competitor of Google, but still, Apple users have Youtube, so probably they will come up with some app to stream Stadia games on it.

What about the games which you play on PC or on Xbox/PS4 consoles?

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The Verge

This is unclear, Google neither discussed it nor showed any sign of integration of the games you already own to be attached into this new system.

Can you adjust the game streaming quality due to slow internet ?

Yes you can! Just like Youtube, in Stadia you will be able to adjust game streaming quality as per your internet speed.

If you have questions related to Google Stadia in Singapore, drop them below, we will add it here.


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