Xbox Discontinued Xbox One X – Xbox Live Gold Subscription Made Free For All

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Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue its Xbox One S and Xbox One X, All-Digital Edition. They named it a natural step emphasizing on the release of their Project xCloud and Xbox Series X. They stated about discontinuing the production of One X console and One S- Digital Edition.

Xbox One X Discontinued

A spokesperson of Microsoft stated in an email statement that Xbox One S would still be created and sold globally. Gamers can visit for further details at their local retailers on the presence of Xbox One hardware.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription To Be Made Free For All

The news is revolving within the community of Xbox after the unavailability of the Xbox Gold buying option for a year after an update on the official website. There are a couple of reasons for it which involves an unintentional error. However, their fans are thinking that the team is planning to form their service free of charge.

On the other hand, their move states that they have called off their yearly Xbox Live Gold subscriptions saying that within a year it may not be present in its original form.

In accordance with the “Cheap Ass Gamer” Twitter profile, there weren’t any special deals related to the Xbox Live Gold Membership Since “Ultimate”. It states that Microsoft would stop with their Xbox Live Gold to support the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft shared with The Verge that their Project xCloud, the game streaming service, would be free of cost to the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, in September.

They will set -up a proper name for their streaming till then and will allow users to stream the games of Xbox on any screening system. At least 100 Game Pass Titles of Xbox would be accessible on gadgets.


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