Best Audio Settings For Warzone Call of Duty (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for the best audio settings for Warzone or any other Call of Duty game? Worry no more; hear enemy steps in microseconds!

Sound is vital to FPS games like Warzone and can give you the edge you need to win. Audio cues like enemy footsteps and vehicle sounds can provide important information to help you outplay your opponents.

Therefore, using the best audio settings in CoD Warzone is as important as using the correct sensitivity settings. If you’ve just installed Warzone, we recommend using the below-mentioned profile to improve the sound in your game.

Best Audio Settings For Warzone

We recommend the following audio settings for Call of Duty Warzone:

Audio MixBoost high
Master Volume70 or higher
Music Volume0
Juggernaut MusicDisabled
Hit Marker Sound EffectsMW
Mono AudioMono
Mono Amount100.00
Dialogue Volume60
Effects Volume80
Cinematics Volume50

It’s essential to hear enemy footsteps clearly when using the Boost High option for Audio Mix in Warzone. You can hear numerous details of footsteps around you with Boost High’s high-frequency sound. In other words, once you use it, you shouldn’t have to worry about ambushes by your opponents unless they’re using a special perk.

Keeping settings is a personal preference, but if you want good warzone audio, we would suggest if you’re keen on hearing the footsteps of other warzone players.

Those interested in learning more about Master Volume should know that this controls the volume of the game and sound effects associated with footsteps, items, vehicles, and more. To get a clear picture of what’s happening around you, you need to set the Master Volume to 70 or higher.


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