Top Ten Best Accounts / Gamertags To Follow On Xbox – 2023

Following the best accounts on Xbox is a must as it creates a better competition. Here are the top 10 best accounts or Gamertags to follow on Xbox.

We know there must be thousands of channels which are doing a great job, but we are only including the top best ones here.

1. BennyCentral


Benny is the host of a show called Xbox On and the Xbox guy who gets his hands on games even before they’re release. Follow him on Xbox to find out what Xbox has in queue.

2. P3

The Verge

Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox, although he doesn’t do much in gaming but when he comes online, one can see what he is playing or what he is currently doing. It is fun to have him in the list.

3. MayWeatherKO


Famous American Boxer Floyd Mayweather is also a fan of Xbox. Watching mostly Netflix on his Xbox. But adding him will make your friends list on Xbox look cool.

4. McVinny


Vin Diesel is also a Xbox enthusiast, being a busy man he doesn’t come online so much. But he usually plays racing games such as Forza Horizon 4.

5. MrFahadKhan


MrFahadKhan is Twitch Streamer and Xbox Ambassador, who plays famous games as soon as they’re released.

6. Riggs425

Chandler Riggs xbox
Earn The Necklace

Chandler Riggs is a famous actor from the TV Series The Walking Dead. He finished playing “The Walking Dead” on his new Xbox One X.

7. RevCottonMarcus

The Independent

Who doesn’t know this guy? Robert mostly plays Call of Duty these days and watches Netflix.

8. Maddynf


Maddy got fame on Youtube in no time. She plays Fortnite on her Xbox One S and is being supported by almost 30,000 followers in her paid subscription list.

9. OMG its AliA

ali a xbox

Ali A is a youtuber, and a reviewer. Mostly seen playing Fornite but he gets his shot on almost every famous game out there.

10. Colonel Fap

post malone xbo
Ones To Watch

Post Malone is not just famous in Music Industry but he is so much more famous in Gaming industry when he started streaming on Twitch from his Xbox One X.

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