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All you need to know about ranks in CS:GO

The magic of the games that have made the leap online is in being able to capture the attention of gamers for a long period of time.

League of Legends has achieved it, Apex Legends is getting it and, of course, it is also doing the latest Counter-Strike. The shooter that marked a whole generation of gamers who did not even know that they would end up being professional players. Take the time to read our expert’s, Volodymyr Huda, article, and you will get to know a lot more about the ranking in CS:GO. And check out the Profilerr cybersport website, where you can dive deeper into the world of gaming.

What are CS:GO ranks?

It is true, there are many, it is not a system as intuitive as the FIFA divisions, but well looked, the CS:GO ranks are not so complicated, and today we are going to prove it to you!

The first thing you should understand is that the CS:GO ranks are the way the game has to match us with our opponents. If we were put with players who were too good from the beginning, or very novices when we are advanced, we would be bored greatly. And now, the keys for you to move among them like fish in water.

There are a total of 18 distinct ranks, although they are further subdivided. And if, for example, you need to know the player’s rank, you can go to the Profilerr website and find out everything about his account there. In general, the point is to play against competitors of a similar level to yours and climb the ranks to the highest of them all, although we must say that the task seems difficult!

CS:GO ranks: Silver

They are the first six ranks in CS:GO. It is where all the newcomers come together, and our performances will depend on whether we get promoted to the next group. Sometimes it will cost us more than the account, yes, but the thing has an explanation. The most pro players tend to make a second account to vent from time to time. The game fights against it, but it is impossible to eradicate such accounts.

The six ranks are these:

  • Silver I (S1);
  • Silver II (S2);
  • Silver III (S3);
  • Silver IV (S4);
  • Silver Elite (SE);
  • Silver Elite Master (SEM).

CS:GO ranges: Gold Nova

If in the CS:GO ranks are usually players who have not yet developed their strategic thinking, the four Gold levels already denote certain more worked skills. In fact, the vast majority of players are at these levels. And there are really a lot of players, because in the USA alone the total CS:GO market reaches 3 billion US dollars. 

The four ranges are these:

  • Gold Nova I (GN1);
  • Gold Nova II (GN2);
  • Gold Nova III (GN3);
  • Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4).

CS:GO ranks: Master Guardian

The next CS:GO ranks we must overcome are the Master Guardian. There are four if we include the Distinguished Master Guardian, and here we already start talking about bigger words. To give you an idea, a quarter of CS:GO players usually move between these four ranks, and all of them know horribly effective ways to use their best skill shot with us. Here it is not much use to camp. In fact, chances are that if that’s all we’ve learned from Counter-Strike, we’ll never get past the early Nova ranks. Here we must begin to show how hard we are made of.

The four ranges are these:

  • Master Guardian I (MG/MG1);
  • Master Guardian II (MG2);
  • Master Guardian Elite (MGE);
  • Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG).

CS:GO ranks: Legendary

The penultimate step towards glory, and do not think it is easy to get there or be maintained. Only 6.50% of gamers move between these two CS:GO ranges. At this point, two things can happen: that we begin to plummet to lower Nova ranks or that we are able to go on to conquer what is coming now.

The two ranges are these:

  • Legendary Eagle (LE);
  • Legendary Eagle Master (LEM).

CS:GO ranks: Supreme Master First Class and The Global Elite, the crème de la crème

They are the two highest CS:GO ranks. Normally, the rate of players reaching the Supreme Master First Class rank does not reach 3% of the total. And that only 0.75% get reaches The Global Elite, the last step of this particular race for glory. That is, not even the bugs of the penultimate CS:GO ranks are assured of reaching the top. As you can see, the CS GO percentages ranges are not flattering, will you be able to beat them all?

  • Supreme Master First Class (SMFC);
  • The Global Elite (GE).

How to rank up in CS:GO

Although the truth is that Valve tries to make it something almost as secret as Google’s algorithm. There are some good practices that always work. For example, we think that the ideal is to kill as many people as possible. Oh, what noobs we have all been. 

None of that. Apparently, it is more important to make a good winning game as a team than to become the MVP of a losing team.

  • Having many deaths will help you to the descent to a lower category and take a little longer to arrive in newer ranks. 
  • Winning team games with outstanding performances, beyond the number of kills, will help us move up the CS:GO ranks faster.

From the moment we are given our first rank, after winning 10 games, until we start to climb from the sixth level of Silver, it goes a long way. How do we streamline him besides being a good team player? Play in party better than alone. Keep in mind that between the highest ranked player and the lower one in the same team of 5 players, there can only be a difference of 5 ranks. So, look for a companion who is above you and you will make a push, all the glory for you!


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