Fiverr Increased Fee For All The Sellers, Cutting More Money


Fiverr increased fee for all the sellers making it really tough to earn good revenue from their efforts. Cutting more money as commision.

Previously, if you had enlisted a $100 gig, you used to get $80 as revenue for that gig. After Fiverr has increased the commission percentage and is now cutting double the cost they were deducting.

So, now if you have a $100 gig, then you will be getting only $60 for that revenue. To test it, Digital Phablet tried to create a custom gig of $43, upon completion of order we only got $33, deducting $10 out of $43, while if the seller is purchasing any gig, they have to give $2 extra for every gig.

Although it isn’t mentioned in Fiverr’s terms and conditions page, So as of now Fiverr Increased Fee is not allowing people to earn well, as many of us know that many people have set up business over Fiverr but they are currently unable to reach their expected pay scale.

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