10 Best Ad Networks For All Bloggers To Earn Money – 2019 Edition

10 Best Ad Networks that every website owner should try to monetize the blog traffic and start earning money instantly.

These are top 10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2019:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Media Net
  3. Infolinks
  4. Adsterra
  5. Bidvertiser
  6. Propeller Ads
  7. RevContent
  8. AdNow
  9. Revenue Hits
  10. AdBuff

These are the details of the Ad Networks we mentioned, these are also Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2019;

1. Google Adsense

google adsense alternatives
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Google Adsense is a premium ad network by Google, which is one of the most famous ad network all around the world. Getting approval is very tough.

Payment Method: Paypal, Check and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $100

2. Media Net

media net
Photo: Media Net

Media Net is the most second most famous ad network. Media Net offers textual advertisement for blogs.

Payment Methods: Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $100

3. Infolinks

infolinks approval
Photo: Missosology

Infolinks offers inline textual advertisements, allowing bloggers to earn money.

Payment methods: Payoneer, Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $50

4. Adsterra

Photo: MonetizePros

Adsterra is growing rapidly, they even have video ad units, which other ad networks usually do not provide.

Payment Method: Paypal, Bank Transfer and Pexum.

Payment Threshold: $100

5. Bidvertiser

Photo: landerapp

Bidvertiser is also good for small bloggers willing to earn few bucks from their writing on blogs.

Payment Method: Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $20

6. Propeller Ads

Photo: PropellerAds

Propeller ads right now only provide Pop Up Ads and notification ads, which is a new cool feature that they announced lately.

Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshsold: $100

7. RevContent

Photo: Revcontent

It is a native ad network which allows you to maximize your income by showing ads in related content.

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Payment Method: Payoneer, Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $100

8. Revenue Hits

Photo: brandsafenetwork

Revenue hits is very similar to Propeller Ads but gives many ad units in comparison to other ad networks.

Payment Method: Payoneer, Paypal and Bank Transfer

Payment Threshold: $20

9. Ad Now

Ad now is much like Revenue Hits as it is also a native ad network, but Ad Now is ideal for small publishers. It gives 0.01 dollar per click.

Photo: Digital Edge

Payment Method: Payoneer and Paypal

Payment Threshold: $20

10. Ad Buff

Photo: DigitalAdBlog

Ad Buff is least famous ad network among all the ad networks we mentioned above.

Payment Method: PayPal, Bitcoin and Payoneer

Payment Threshold: $100

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