Xbox Two vs PS5 – Which One Is Best For You ? in 2022

Xbox two and PS5 are really into the news as both the consoles will be making their debut in late 2020.

Xbox Two and PS5 were announced at the E3 2018 conference, stating the fact that both consoles will be revealed by the end of 2020 or the start of 2021.

As people are searching for what is the next best console they should move to, on the other hand, the rumors are getting better and better about both these consoles.

Without wasting a single minute, we should move on to discussing how these two consoles are doing so far, so let’s start with PS5.

What is the Price, Specification, Memory, and Graphics of PS5?

  • As per Playstation blog, the price of PS5 will be around $580 to $600.
  • PS5 will be able to run PS4, PS3, and even PS2 games.
  • PS5 will be able to run games at the pure 4K resolution which will be scalable to 8k or even 16k.
  • PS5 will have a Zen 2 processor from AMD.
  • There will be few games which will only be PS5 exclusives, meaning those games won’t run on PS4 or PS4 Pro.
  • The graphics of PS5 will be 8 times better than Xbox One X.
  • You will be able to play games even in 3D.
  • PlayStation Plus 2.0 will be released with it, as of now the information about it is not revealed yet.
  • PS5 will come with a MRAM.

What is the Price, Specification, Memory, and Graphics of Xbox Two – Xbox Scarlett?

  • Xbox Two will be called Project Scarlett.
  • As usual, Xbox Two will come with a hefty price tag of $650 to $700.
  • Similar to Xbox One, Xbox Two will be able to play gamers from your old Xbox consoles.
  • It will have GDDR6 Ram.
  • Will support 8K gaming.
  • Will have stable gameplay of 120FPS.
  • It will have 3D Audio.
  • Xbox Two will be having a VR option, just like PS4 Pro.
  • Xbox Two will come with a Zen 2 AMD processor 7nm CPU + GPU.
  • Xbox Two will be having a 2TB drive.
  • Xbox Two will introduce Project xCloud which allows you to play your Xbox games even on your iOS or Android phone.

What to expect from PS5 exclusive games?

The PS5 exclusives are still unreleased but some rumors suggest that the exclusives will include Death Stranding and Days gone. As soon as the exclusives are confirmed for PS5, the list will be added here.

What to expect from Xbox Two exclusive games?

Xbox Two has confirmed that Halo 6 (Halo Infinite) and Gears of War 5 will be Xbox Two exclusives, but they can be played on Xbox One consoles.

Will the Xbox Two or PS5 run at 16k?

It hasn’t confirmed by the PlayStation whether PS5 will run at 16k, however, it will be able to run 8k at least. Meanwhile, from Xbox, it is confirmed that it will at 16k because their management has confirmed that they are creating something more powerful than PS5.

Xbox Two vs PS5 – Which one is best for you?

This is really up to you, and your needs or the budget. For us, both consoles are doing really well and the games will work pretty same on both the consoles. unlike Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, these two consoles will be very similar, having the same frame rate and everything, and one can barely even tell if a game is being played on Xbox Two or PS5.

This is also rumored that PS5 will release on the higher price tag in comparison with Xbox Scarlett.

So let us know what you think is the best console for you in the comment box below.


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