Facebook Cut Its Ties with Huawei, Blocking App on New Phones

Facebook Cut Its Ties With Huawei
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SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook announced on Friday that it has cut its ties with Huawei to comply with US sanctions. The US further isolate China’s leading technology companies that Washington considers a threat to national security.

The social Media giant, Facebook has announced that President Donald Trump has taken a step further to ban Huawei exports of US technology.

The US Concerned about Huawei working with China’s intelligence services.

“We are reviewing the final rules of the Department of Commerce and the temporary license recently issued, and we are taking measures to guarantee compliance,”

Facebook spokeswoman told AFP.

The California-based company, Facebook said that people with Huawei smartphones with Facebook applications will still be able to use and download the application updates provided by Facebook.

Huawei has become the second largest smartphone provider in the world due to security concerns in Washington, the decision of Facebook is the last.

Last month, Google cut the agreement with Huawei and said it would be difficult to obtain important applications from major US companies.

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