Facebook Starts Banning Ads with Fake Information about Coronavirus

Facebook Starts Banning Ads with Misleading Information about Coronavirus
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Facebook announced on Wednesday the platform will ban advertisements for goods posing any cures or prevention around the coronavirus epidemic and those that make a sense of urgency around the condition.

The infection, supposed to have initiated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, has killed more than 2,700 individuals.

The statement by the social-media hulk arises as it faces growing controlling examination over the type of content displayed on Facebook platforms, precisely things reflecting life-threatening ideas and fake news.

Advertisements with titles like ‘face masks are 100% guaranteed to prevent the spread of the viruses’ will not be permitted, a Facebook spokesperson told.

The CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on Tuesday warned Americans to start making for the spread of coronavirus in the United States after contagions raised in numerous more republics.

In February, Facebook told that it would eliminate content about the virus “with wrong claims or conspiracy ideas that have been highlighted by leading global health organizations and local health establishments”, connection businesses like TikTok and Pinterest.

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