China Launches World’s First AI Female News Anchor

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World’s First AI Female News Anchor is being unveiled in China, Reported by the state own Chinese TV Channel, Xinhua.

As per Xinhua News Agency, the world first AI female news anchor is named Xin Xiaomeng, will make her public debut in the meeting of National Legislature of China in March.

China previously introduced the first male AI news anchor in November 2018, Qiu Hao, which had realistic facial expressions and high quality of news presentation.

The female AI news anchor is developed by the Xinhua news agency, which is organized by China’s Communist Party and the tech firm Sogou Inc, was also on display at the WIC (World Internet Conference) happened in the city of Wuzhen, eastern China.

This AI news anchor is based on the real life chinese news anchor Qiu Hao, as it becomes a major kick by China to enhance it’s endevours in AI Technology, which will also lead to self driving cars in China.

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