Apple To Launch Self Driving Car After Acquiring

apple self driving car
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Apple has acquired, a Self Driving Car startup, shows a sign that Apple will soon launch its own self-driving car. came up with an interesting approach in the self-driving car industry. The interesting thing about this startup which now acquired by Apple is that its kit can turn your regular daily use car into a self-driving one.

Apple has acquired car startup, and have deployed their engineers to make Apple’s own car.

Previously, had raised around $77 million from crowdfunding from investors like Nvidia GPU Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.

Apple has acquired for an unveiled price tag, Business Insider has cited that Apple acquired just before it was shutting down.

Since the purchase price wasn’t told, was valued at around $200 million. Report by Axios also stated that dozens of engineers have joined the Apple team after its acquisition.

This news came after an information report back in June, that Apple was eyeing to purchase Drive AI, to put their own engineers to create Apple Car.

On Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle had reported that is shutting down as well as it fires 90 employees by the end of June. Keeping an eye on it, Apple moves ahead with its purchase before it shut down.’s product is unique that one doesn’t have to build self-driving cars from scratch, the company manufactures the “Kits” that turns our daily life regular cars into the self driving car, just like Tesla.

Apple has invested a huge sum of money to create their own Apple self driving car.

Digital Phablet requested Apple spokesperson for a comment but he chose not to respond immediately until the paperwork is done.

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