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Apple AirPods Pro Price, Specifications and Buy Cheap Deals

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With more and more news about the noise reduction version of AirPods over the past few days, it seems likely that this product will be released in the near future.

People are rushing forward in the face. In the first half of the year, I decided that there would be no more new AirPods this year. After all, I had just updated it at the end of March, and there was no change in appearance. I only updated the H1 chip and the wireless charging box. However, if it is updated again in the second half of the year, is there a feeling of “into the national army in 49 years” when it started the new model in the first half of the year?

But Apple has already figured out how to get the money out of your pocket, as they have always done – launching the Pro version of Apple AirPods Pro.

Airpods Pro

The Economic Daily, quoted by Macrumors today, released some new news about AirPods Pro. For example, in terms of color, the previously anticipated AirPods Pro will launch four colors including black, white, gold and midnight green according to this year’s new iPhone color, but from this report, the color of AirPods Pro may be more than expected. More, a total of eight. At the same time, the charging box uses a flat box similar to the Sony WF-1000XM3 and supports wireless charging.

Apple AirPods Pro Price

The price is expected to start at $260. There may be different versions, but obviously this product will be more expensive than AirPods. If the final price exceeds 2,000 yuan, it is not impossible.

Airpods Por Noise Reduction
Electronic Design

As for the function, at present, this product is mainly active noise reduction and waterproof function. After the user experience has reached the highest level in the market, the functional difference of active noise reduction will be the decisive difference between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.

As for the design of AirPods, from the various renderings leaked on the Internet, it is basically inconsistent. Although netizens nicknamed “hairdryers”, it is foreseeable that when AirPods Pro is actually launched, these netizens who scream ugly will change their tastes.

Airpods Pro Price

Apple has always been good at detail polishing, the same design, Apple’s actual products are usually more refined than renderings. The “Yuba”-shaped iPhone 11 was also ugly in the rendering period, and after Apple used a whole piece of glass to cut out the back cover, the real machine looked pleasing to the eye, so I was full of confidence in AirPods Pro.

Why AirPods Pro?

The appearance of AirPods Pro is justified. AirPods is an excellent headset. It is also a truly wireless headset with the same advantages and disadvantages. For example, the semi-open structure design can not block the noise. The so-called passive noise reduction effect is almost zero.

In order to achieve the desired noise reduction effect, switching to the in-ear design is a normal choice. You should not look at the market to have a semi-open type for active noise reduction, but if it is more effective and serves as the main selling point, it will be in the ear. Design is the only choice.

It’s just that the semi-open and in-ear styles are not a progressive upgrade relationship but a parallel design with their own advantages and disadvantages.


The semi-open AirPods have the “air feeling” that the in-ear headphones don’t have. After wearing it for a while, it seems to disappear into the invisible. There are also several editors in our company who don’t pick up the AirPods every day and only semi-open. The headset can do this.

Now Apple’s true wireless headset product line is complete.

After Apple AirPods Pro determined that the main noise reduction, Apple’s current true wireless headset product line has basically been laid out, in addition to the smallest and stylish AirPods, PowerBeats Pro main sports scene, the three have covered the vast majority of consumer headphones Use the scene and the experience is different.

Interestingly, Apple seems to be interested in adopting a sufficiently large differentiated design between true wireless headsets.

AirPods is a semi-open design, this design is the most unburdened, and the charging box is also the smallest, no burden in the pocket, and now it is the darling of the market trend, has become a cultural symbol, hanging in There is no problem in the ears all day.

Apple AirPods Pro Deals to buy cheap

And friends who have already started AirPods should buy AirPods Pro again. This depends on the individual’s needs. Whether it is more important for the non-sense wearing experience or the value-reduction function is more important. If the budget is sufficient, it is natural to suggest.

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