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virtual reality vr eye damage bad for eye sight
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Virtual reality (VR) is a headset which allows you to feel each and everything in a virtual world as you’re living it.

is VR (Virtual Reality) bad for your eyes?

Use of VR might actually seem cool but it is not just damaging your eyes, but also your brain, scientific research concluded.

Just a few days back Scientists have discovered that Apple AirPods are causing cancer, and now another research has claimed that VR is actually damaging your eyes which can lead to blindness if used intensely.

virtual reality bad for eyes

In 2017, CNN reported about 10 million American adults are suffering from Myopia, Myopia is the shortsightedness and Virtual Reality can be the next factor to rise it further.

Furthermore, most of the people show the sights of Motion Sickness after wearing VR headsets, which is a sign that their brain is refusing to accept the reality which a person want our brain to show.

virtual reality eyesight

Standford University’s research concluded that by the use Virtual Reality we are tricking our brain to see what is not there, having very close to the eyes, this can lead to permanent blindness and brain-damaged.

Use of VR even for 30 minutes can be severely lethal for eyes and brain. That is the reason why most people feel nauseous after using VR headsets. The rapid growth of VR all around the world is an alarming situation which can further add the number into Myopia patients.

Stanford University research concluded.

Talking about children, VR headsets are more lethal than kids below 14 than adults, as each VR headset has two monitors and by wearing it you are getting your eyes very close to those monitors. OPTO research has told that many big VR producers have put a “warning” for children not to use VR headsets.

Experts all around the world discourage the use of Virtual Reality (VR) as it can be dangerous for a person, and it is completely labeled as a lethal gadget to use.

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