Free Images Service Unsplash Acquired by Getty Images

QUEBEC: Unsplash acquired by Getty Images, as the Unsplash team announced the shocking acquisition in a blog post published.

From now onwards, Unsplash will be a Getty Images division and will continue to work separately. According to the blog post, the acquisition enables Unsplash to access more photos in the future. And will also give the users bundled Getty Images subscriptions as the platform is now focusing on selling images.

Is Unsplash shutting down?

The team clarified that the acquisition does not mean that Unsplash is shutting down, but it means Unsplash will further roll out more features for the users.


In 2020, Unsplash crossed two billion image downloads, and in 2021, it has already passed three billion image downloads. Unsplash has tripled in size and revenue within mere few years.

With the partnership with Getty Images, the users will see bundled plans where they can hire freelance photographers and have access to Getty Images for their personal and commercial use.


It has also been confirmed that Unsplash is hiring creative and technical individuals and offering jobs to those who will help the company grow.

It has been eight years since the birth of Unsplash. At the start, it was just a Tumblr blog having only 10 images, and now it has grown into a billion-dollar company.

Currently, there are two million high-quality pictures are currently being uploaded on Unsplash by freelance photographers all around the world.

The website also enables the freelance photographers to enable “Hire” button to land projects from their platform.

After this acquisition, Freelance photographers can also cross-sell their Unsplash photos on Getty Images right from the platform, allowing more easier ways for a photographer to sell their images online.

On the other hand, Getty Images is a leading company providing licensed images for personal and commercial use, which professional publishers and expert photographers widely use.


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