Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Comes With a Headphone

Recently, Razer has released its own audio glasses called the Razer Anzu. These new audio glasses come in two designs round and rectangular. You can also choose between two sizes.

With razer, you can also select between clear lenses, which filter 35% of the light falling on them, and polarized glasses said to thwart 99% of UV rays. Razer has partnered with Lensabl, so if you want to use prescription lenses, you can get a sweet discount Of 15%.

Razer has partnered with Lensabl

Now let’s describe the sound part; these new anzu audio glasses provide 16mm drivers on both sides of the frame. With razer, you can try an amazing latency of 60ms to avoid shutters and lagging of audio. You can also pair it with Bluetooth 5.1. you can further access latency settings, EQ controls, software updates, and battery status, all of this with the companion app. There is also a dedicated gaming mode since they came from the house of Razer.

Battery Life

Razer Anzu battery
Phone Arena

The audio glasses of Razer support tech gestures for several tasks like handling calls, pairing or powering, and controlling music playback. On a single charge, these audio glasses can work around 5 hours, as claimed by Razer. If you fold them, They will automatically power off so you can save battery.

Two Anzu designs are being made by Razer; one has circular frames. In contrast, the other one has a rectangular frame, and both of them are available in large and small sizes.

The anzu audio glasses have flexible hinges, making it exciting to get the Razer Anzu glasses in our hands and on our faces. Unlike regular glasses, you can’t get the smart glasses refitted if it doesn’t fit your head properly.

Blue Light Blocking

anzu blue light blocking

The Anzu glasses can filter 35% of the blue light hitting your eyes all day. Nowadays the blue light filtering is a common feature among prescription glasses.

Razer Anzu Price

The cost of Razer Anzu glasses is $199, and in Europe, it’s 209 Euros. They are available at best Buy in the US and Canada and also available at Razer.com. You can get them in various sizes and styles with options to rock prescription or polaroid lenses.


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