Incremental vs Differential Backup – Which Is Better?

Today, we will help you chose the best backup between Incremental vs Differential Backup and help you chose the faster and more efficient choice.

Differential Backup

Differential Backup

The next step in the evolution of backup strategies were the differential backups. Differential backups are faster than full backup because this back up only files that changed after the last backup was made.

For instance, if a full backup was made on Sunday, then the only changes after Sunday will be backed up on Monday. On Tuesday, the files changed after Sunday will be backed up, and the same will continue further till the next backup is made.

Less data is backed up, so Differential backups are much quicker. Until the next full backup, the amount of data to be backed up increases with every differential backup. These Backups are more flexible as compared to full backups. Nevertheless, it needs to be done about once a day.

Incremental Backup

Incremental Backup

The incremental backup is sometimes called differential incremental backup, but sometimes differential backups are also called cumulative incremental backup. Incremental backup also makes backups but only of the changed data. The backup is only made of the data which had been changed after the last backup.

If an incremental backup is made on Tuesday, then only the data of Monday will be backed up. Resulting in a much quicker and smaller backup. Its main feature is that the duration of backups is shorter and less data is backed up.

Incremental backup is well known for taking longer to restore because the last backup is reconstituted. However, incremental backup provides more granularity (time between backup) and more flexibility.

Incremental backup is more practical for the average enterprise because it rebuilds and restores the full image faster. Acronis true image uses a special snapshot technology.

Which One Is Better?

After comparing Differential vs Incremental backup, we can suggest that Incremental Backup is much better than Full and Differential backup because incremental backup provides more flexibility and creates a quick backup.


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