Google Pronunciation Correction Feature Will Correct Your Pronunciation

Have you ever stuck in pronouncing something? And end up getting embarrassed in front of your friends and family when you pronounce them wrong? Google has got your back with its new Google Pronunciation Correction feature, which will help you get a verbal hold of each and every word which you find tough to pronounce.

You can learn to pronounce any word directly from google search whenever you search for a word. Just type “How do you pronounce YOUR WORD” or just write “Google Pronounce YOUR WORD” and it will help you pronounce it. You can also use it on Google Assistant on your android phone.

You can also speak the world and it will correct the way you have to pronounce it. It is one of the features that people who use Google search wanted so badly.

Google Pronunciation Correction Feature

Google also said that its algorithm has divided the words into a separate sound so people can understand how they can pronounce it correctly. This feature also uses a machine learning feature to see how perfectly you are pronouncing a specific word.

Google has also added some graphical elements such as illustrations and pictures to the google search when a user searches for a specific word definition. This feature is also available in English as well as other languages on Google Search.

Visual Elements Like Pictures And Illustrations Google Search

This feature is currently available in American and British English only. Google will also release the same feature for Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Taiwanese, Vaitmese, and Korean very soon, with it users can help speak these languages the right way. But, as per Google’s statement, Bringing Spanish to this feature would be their first choice.

Have you tried this feature? if now, then do try it and let us know how did you like this feature.


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