Google Bans Huawei: New Huawei Phones Will Not Have Android OS

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Google bans Huawei after it tweaked the android system for its smartphones. New Huawei handsets will not have an Android operating system.

Reuters also reported that Huawei’s CFO has been arrested and detained in Canada.

This action comes after Trump government blacklists Huawei from American trade unless having a license.

Google said that it is complying with the orders and canceling Huawei’s license to use Android in their smartphones in the future.

Newer Huawei Smartphones Will Have Their Own OS, But Not Android

People who are existing customers of Huawei smartphones will continue to enjoy Google and Android services after Huawei will send security fixes. But they will never get any major update.

Huawei smartphones will not able to run Android as well as they can’t use Youtube and Maps also.

Android experts have said that cancellation of the license will lower the sales of Huawei to a greater extent.

Should Huawei users switch their phones now?

The answer is yes! Because there are various reasons why you must switch to a new smartphone company;

  • Existing users will not get major updates from Google meaning anyone can easily gain access to your smartphone and get what the hacker needs.
  • Huawei had accepted that they tweak the operating system to “comply with government orders” meaning they give analytics to Chinese Government, using it would be like you’re allowing the Chinese government to spy on you.
  • Other Chinese smartphones such as Inifnix, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have the same problems as they have to share a chunk of your information with the Chinese government.
  • The next to best option to get an iPhone or Samsung, One Plus which is more secure in comparison with Chinese smartphones which are relatively more cheaper.

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