China Successfully Creates Their Own Artificial Sun

On Friday, state media reported that China has successfully powered up the Artificial sun nuclear fusion reactor for the first time, developing significant advances in nuclear power research capabilities.

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Nuclear fusion

Chinas most gigantic and most advanced nuclear fusion experimental research device is the HL-2M Tokamak Reactor, and the scientists are hoping that device can potentially unlock a robust clean energy source.

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China Atomic Energy Authority

How it works?

According to the Peoples Daily, A powerful magnetic field is used to fuse the Hot Plasma, and its temperature can reach over 150 Million Degrees Celsius. It is approximately ten times hotter than the core of the sun.

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This device seems like something a villain would use to dominate the world, but China has been working on the International Thermonuclear experimentally reactor (ITER) project, a coalition of many nuclear-powered nations. They are aiming to make a form. They are aiming to make a reliable form of nuclear Fusion based on the same concept.

Where is China Artificial Sun is located?

The chinese artificial sun is located in southwestern Sichuan Province and completed late last year.

Because of the enormous heat and power, it produces the reactor is often called an Artificial sun. The peoples daily further stated that the establishment of nuclear fusion energy is not the only solution to solve China’s strategic energy needs, but it has an excellent benefit for the sustainable development of chinas energy and national economy.

China’s tests help researchers search to make it cheap and bring costs down because Fusion is still considered prohibitively expensive.

fusion project

Fusion does not make radioactive waste and has fewer chances of accidents or atomic material theft, unlike fission.

Since 2006, China’s scientists have been working to create smaller versions of the nuclear fusion reactor. They have planned to operate the device with scientists working on the international thermonuclear experimental reactor.


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