Top 10 Best Technology Podcast to Listen in 2023

Best Technology Podcast among the best tech podcasts all over the internet to gain knowledge about IT Technology and other tech stuff?

We have compiled a list of good tech podcasts, below are the top podcasts that you can listen if you’re interested in Technology;

1. Engines of Our Ingenuity

Engines of Our Ingenuity Best Technology Podcast

At the University of Houston, a rotating cast of professors shares their insights in quick bites (usually within five minutes) on the engines of our Ingenuity podcast. They include things like modern applied mathematics, victorian naturalists, and distances in space.

2. Voices from DARPA

Voices from DARPA Best Technology Podcast

A different program manager in every episode discusses their work from one of the DARPA’s six technical offices – Biological Technologies, Defense Sciences, Information Innovation, Microsystems Technology, Strategic Technology, and Tactical Technology.

3. Triple Click

Triple Click

Hardcore games, you probably know about this pod in case you don’t, it is hosted by the three video games experts, Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier. They talk over new games, all of the cultures and the classics in between.

4. Command Line Heroes

Command Line Heroes

The founder of CodeNewbie Saron Yitbarek, the Code Newbie gives resources to new programmers, and this podcast is hosted on the world of coding, hacking, and open source. (bonus: there are lots on the history of computing.)

5. IRL: Online Life Is Real Life

IRL Online Life Is Real Life

The host Manoush Zomorodi in every episode dives into the disconnect stories from the web. The topics covered include privacy breaches, cyberbullying, hacking, fake news, and much more. It is also hosted by Mozilla.

6. Note to Self

Note to Self

Note to self ponders every day questions about the pervasive technology in our lives from WNYC studios, like whether or not texting can make you smarter if your phone is watching you and if your kids are even real.

7. Roboism


Hosts Savannah Million and Alex Cox cover AI, machine learning, digital assistants, and more in this show about the humanity behind the robots in our everyday life.

8. Anatomy of Next

Anatomy of Next

This podcast is done by founders fund a venture capital firm with investments in tech giants like SpaceX and Airbnb – ponders the big stuff, from every way of making Mars habitable to what went wrong with Silicon Valley, and what should be one of the desirable places to live.

9. The Changelog

The Changelog

Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo interview all types of software developers, from smalltime coders to massive business people running firms like Github.

10. Recode Decode

Recode Decode Best Technology Podcast

Kara Swisher the technology reporter is a New York Times columnist who interviews the most vital figures at the intersection of technology, politics, and culture to reach towards the heart of the greatest questions in the innovative economy.

Give a listen to all of these, and let us know which is the best Technology podcast for you in the comments below.


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