Apple Pay Now Supports Bitcoin Payments

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If you like the idea of cryptocurrency, instead of cash you want to spend it, spend some of your own. You may be interested to learn that Apple will now be supporting bitcoin. BitPay is a digital wallet that can also be used with Apple Pay and the Apple wallet app.

We have thousands of BitPay Wallet app customers using the BitPay card and are always searching for new places and ways to use their crypto. Adding Apple Pay and, eventually, Samsung Pay and Google makes it more simple to use the BitPay Card in more than one place, from daily items to luxury purchases, as BitPay Stephen Pair’s CEO stated.

It is good news for those who want to use bitcoin instead of cash to pay with bitcoin. At the same time, the future is uncertain on cryptocurrency even though its highly traded. It may also be the best way for users who hold cryptocurrency to gain benefits from it, and instead of hoarding it, they spend it.

An analyst did predict that maybe Apple will be looking forward to making their own currency in the future. However, It’s still unclear if we will ever see Apple fully embracing cryptocurrency in the future.

The company seems to be gradually coming towards the conclusion that currency cannot be avoided or ignored in this era. Still, historically, Apple had something like a love-hate relationship with Bitcoin.

According to a recent press release from BitPay, users will now be able to use Apple Pay to make payments in bitcoin in other cryptocurrencies as a current example.

Over the next few years, Apple’s stance on cryptocurrency has become more accommodating.


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