Does Apple HomePod Mini Support Spotify?

The Apple HomePod Mini will be able to play songs from the mainstream libraries – first of all, Apple Music – and radio stations, but apparently, it will not support music playback from Spotify.

Apple’s keynote is inaugurated by the new HomePod mini. The latest version is based on the S5 processor and uses dynamic audio to offer an immersive listening experience regardless of where it is placed.

The first novelty sported by HomePod mini concerns its dimensions: we are talking about a device just 2.54 cm high, which however brings with it new features and a lot of unexpected power.

Siri remains the absolute protagonist, of course: according to statistics provided by Apple, the Cupertino voice assistant has been installed on over a billion devices, satisfying more than 25 billion requests every month.

The audio sector has been improved, and Apple has focused for a long time on the heart of the device, characterized by a series of speakers that are able to spread the sound at 360° throughout the room.

HomePod Mini Inside

On the top, there is a tactile surface to control media playback, but also to activate Siri. The smart speaker, like its predecessor, is able to act as a personal assistant to provide information and news, but also to control smart home devices, all while respecting user privacy.

If HomePod Mini detects that another HomePod Mini is in the same room, it automatically transforms the listening experience by transforming the two smart speakers into two speakers.

Apple HomePod Mini Review

HomePod mini will be available in White and Space Gray colors from November 16, 2020, at the recommended price of $99, in the United States and eight other countries; Apple will open pre-orders on November 6th.

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Apple HomePod Mini Price

HomePod Mini is comes with a price tag of $99.

Apple HomePod Mini Release Date

HomePod Mini will release on November 6th 2020.

Apple HomePod Mini Colors

It comes in two colors, white and space grey.

Will it support Spotify?

No it does not support Spotify playback as of now.


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