Apple is Growing Fastest in China Even After US-China Trade War

US-China Trade War is at it’s highest mark right now, as both the countries are baning each other’s technologies. But despite this war, Apple is showing significant improvement in the Chinese region.

A report from Counterpoint Research found that Apple is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in 2020 despite the US-China Trade War.

According to the research of Q2, 2020, Apple’s iPhone sales have grown by 32% in the year 2020 despite coronavirus. This clearly beats Huawei which grew only 14%. Meanwhile, other Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo saw a drop in sales in 2020.

The major reason for this growth is Apple’s iPhone SE which comes with a cheaper price tag than other smartphones which are certainly the best value for the money.

Apple’s gaining a huge growth in sales is actually a loss to China in Q2 2020 as China didn’t get anything out of it. Meanwhile, Huawei’s market share is 46% as compared to Apple whose is only 9%.

The report also states that the 5G smartphone sales in China are growing, where one in three smartphones is 5G enabled. Apple is planning to launch a 5G phone by the end of 2020, which will also disrupt the Chinese market if Apple continues to grow big in the Chinese region.


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