Youtube Super Stickers Will Help Creators Earn More Revenue

Since YouTube publisher revenue is growing day by day, the management can’t stop making it, even more, user-friendly. A few days back they launched online streaming service which was a big hit.

This time YouTube has launched a new product called Super Stickers.

Youtube Super Stickers Revenue

What are YouTube Super Stickers?

Super Stickers are simply colorful cartoon characters. People have to purchase them in order to support the creator (i.e. Buying super stickers for PewDiePie).

How do I get Super Stickers on Youtube?

For streamers, your account should be monetized with Google Adsense to use this service.

For viewers, you can simply see them whenever you see a channel that is monetized.

How Much Super Stickers Will Cost on Youtube?

It is unclear but you will be seeing a variety of pricing when it comes to buying it for some creator that you support.

Customize Youtube Super Stickers

A user won’t be able to customize it, but we can expect Youtube launching customized stickers for famous Youtubers such as PieDiePie, TheRadBrad, and many other creators will be getting their own customized stickers, as well as super stickers will also be there for charitable cost.

But if one is a mid-level YouTuber or streamer on youtube, he/she will have to stick to the standard ones. But whether it is customized or uncustomed, both will cost the same as the main reason is to give revenue to the creator you love.

Youtube Monetization Requirements 2019/2020?

A user must have 1,000 subscribers.
A user must have 4,000 hours (240,000 minutes) of watch time in the last 12 months.
A user must create content that is not directed to something which is prohibited by Google.

This will add more value in streaming on Youtube, as more people would switch from Twitch and Mixer to Youtube, as we heard Ninja and Shroud also left Twitch for Mixer, and both Twitch and Mixer gives revenue via stickers.


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