Whatsapp and Instagram To Be Renamed by Facebook

Whatsapp and Instagram to be renamed by Facebook in the latest update. According to the latest reports, Facebook is going to change the names of Whatsapp and Instagram to their upcoming update. Their names will by Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook.

We contacted Facebook to confirm the change, but we have not received any response as of press time. However, Facebook did confirm the news to The Information.

“We want to know more about Facebook products and services,”

Facebook spokesperson

It’s worth noting that the founders of Instagram and WhatsApp have left the larger Facebook family in the past few years. According to Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it is reported that the two were released on bail because they felt that the Facebook team was too much on Instagram. The founders of WhatsApp also disagree with Zuckerberg’s corporate overlord.

Now that the founders have disappeared, it seems that Facebook will be the only brand that rules everyone. For a company with such a toxic brand, this is an adventurous move because of years of privacy scandals.

But, hey, at least one undeniable good thing will come from this name change: people will no longer be able to ignore the fact that their lovely Instagram comes from a very shady family.


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