Total Reddit Daily Active Users are 52 Million

Reddit has revealed that the number of daily users seems to appear quickly and has reached 52 million Reddit daily active users.

The daily usage has been grown over 44 percent in a year, as Reddit told to the Wall Street Journal. After October, there has been a sizeable increase, which describes how important the products are for their users.

The company told the Journal that it is their first time sharing Reddit’s daily usage as a more precise reflection of our user growth and being more in line with industry reporting.

It is a fact that daily users are being used by social media as their preferred metric, but they moved away from reporting through Twitter because the numbers decreased while the daily users were growing.

They also wanted to focus mainly on the number that would increase Reddit’s advertising business, which was another reason for their change.

Reddit has focused the monthly usage in the past. The company told that last time this year, they had 430 million users, with 30 percent as years passed. Reddit has begun to iterate more rapidly on its service, resulting in quick growth during a period.

Total Reddit Daily Active Users

52 million per day.

Reddit is far behind as compared to other platforms. Twitter has about 187 million daily active users, while Facebook has 1.82 billion daily active users. Various platforms provide different purposes, so there cannot be any comparison. In the past, these numbers were not disclosed by Reddit.

daily count

Reddit has made a news feed where you can receive updates about what other users post all across the subreddits you are following. That being said, it is sure that some people might be thinking exactly how many users are using Reddit daily.

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