Signal is Back Online, App Working Fine After long Outage

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As per the latest updates, Signal app is working fine as it comes back live after long 24 hours of outage.

No, it is not only you, SIGNAL IS DOWN! As per the latest update, the Signal mobile app is not working. Technical teams are currently solving the issue. Users are unable to send or receive any texts from their contacts.

The app users are prompted with a red message bar, which confirms that the app is experiencing technical difficulties. According to the DownDetector website, Signal is currently down in Europe, the US, and some parts of Asia. The issue was reported at 10:09 AM EST.

signal is down technical difficulties

Company confirmed it on their official twitter account;

What caused the outage?

As the app sees a great boom after the Elon Musk tweet in favor of the app, Signal has added 40 million users in just a few days, totaling several over 50 million. Since a not-for-profit organization backs it, the back end still struggles to handle such a big surge in usage.

Many are currently seeing Error 502 while sending their messages on Signal. It is not yet been confirmed whether it was scheduled maintenance or their servers have been overflow due to overloading.

As of now, Users just have to wait until company solves this issue and gets the app back alive.

Is the Signal app Down?

No, Signal is working now, without any issues.

Update from Signal

Chief Operating Officer of Signal, Aruna Harder while talking to Digital Phablet’s correspondent confirmed that the company has been adding new servers that will handle users better than before, the servers will be optimized to welcome million more users to the platform. The issue was caused by the massive influx of new users after WhatsApp’s privacy policy update.


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