Share Whatsapp Stories To Facebook Stories With Latest Whatsapp Update

With a new update, WhatsApp users will be able to Whatsapp stories to the Facebook story directly. Whatsapp is finally releasing the much-awaited feature that will allow users to automatically share WhatsApp stories to facebook stories. 

We have heard the rumors about this feature in the past, but it is finally going to take place. Till now, users had to download the stories to post it on Facebook but they won’t have to repeat this again with this new update. 

Share Whatsapp Stories to Facebook Stories automatically 

The latest feature can be seen in the latest WhatsApp version released for iPhone and Android, if you have Whatsapp installed in your smartphone, make sure to update it. But this update is rolled out for selected countries, even after the update, if you can’t see the option then you must wait a few days to get it. 

How to Share Whatsapp Stories to Facebook Stories? 

This is how you can do it; 

  • Take a story, or write a status 
  • Tap “Share to Facebook Story” button the WhatsApp story tab appeared on Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp Spokesman said; 

“If you share story update, all the content of your story will be shared with other applications and those stories you share on Facebook won’t be protected with encryption. While sharing the story, Whatsapp will nto share your account information but will share the details on story.” 

The good thing is many users have reported that they have successfully received this new update and they’re enjoying this latest update. 


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