WhatsApp For iOS Will Let You Watch Netflix on Whatsapp

Right now, Whatsapp for iOS is allowing all the users to watch Netflix on Whatsapp. Above all, they’re also allowing Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram videos to stream on Whatsapp directly without needing to open the apps.

This was announced by a famous Whatsapp beta tester WABetaInfo, who found out that in the latest Whatsapp iOS update, users can stream videos on Whatsapp.

This update means that whenever you will share a Netflix link on WhatsApp, you will be able to watch the trailer directly from the Whatsapp application. The links will now appear in big thumbnail having a playable button.

The videos will show in the picture in picture format just like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram videos.

The website also mentioned that this feature is currently rolling out for iOS versions only, while Android users might have to wait a little longer to avail this interesting feature.

One of the biggest news around the world right now as Whatsapp is being infected with Istarli Pegasus Spyware affecting about 1,400 civil rights activists, journalists, and lawyers all around the world.

Israeli NSO firm was behind this attack, and Whatsapp management has also filed a lawsuit against them.


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