Facebook removes its mention “it’s free and always will be”

Facebook has just erased the mention “it’s free and always will be” from its signup form. The text has been changed to “It’s easy and fast”. The reason behind this change has not been officially unveiled.

Its Free And It Will Always Remain

You should not miss this breaking now: Facebook has completely removed the small textual mention that has always shown at the top of the signup page, “Create an account: it’s free and it will always remain”.

As spotted by Phonandroid, The is replaced by “Create an account – it’s fast and easy“. Facebook did not tell the motives behind this change. This immediately triggered some speculations that Facebook would it expect users to pay? Or would they prepare a premium subscription plan in addition to the free version? It would not be a first. For example, YouTube has already started implementing this strategy by launching YouTube Premium at €12 per month.

In a similar manner, one can speculate that Facebook will launch a premium version which will be free of advertising. But one can easily sense the outcry that would come from the users after this announcement, and Mark Zuckerberg certainly has nothing to gain with a new outcry.

“If it’s free, is it the product”?

In a context of widespread scandal linked with Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has wasted a huge amount of time reshaping the brand image.

Facebook often illustrates that their services are for free but these free services are paid indirectly by sponsored content and other advertising including various monetization methods.

Is Facebook going to be a paid service?

The removal of the word “‘Free” is triggering different speculation and making those rumors more solid that Facebook is going to be a paid service.

In a way, you can consider that a user technically “pays” and its presence on Facebook is allowing itself to the advertisement.


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