Complete List of Famous Companies Boycotting Facebook Ads

Boycotting Facebook Ads: While the boycott concerning the advertisers is going on over social media, Facebook is the main target at the moment.

Marketers were sharing about the difficulties they face in handling the hate speech and the incorrect information, which includes the permissive method to the controversial posts made by President Trump.

This boycott followed a call made by the advocacy group “Stop Hate for Profit” which is continuously maintaining their list for further involving organizations. Diageo and Starbuck have stated that they would temporarily stop marketing over every social media platform, this weekend. 

They are the ones who spend the highest in terms of Facebook advertisements; Diageo spent $23 million and Starbucks spent $95 million last year on this platform. Few more firms boycotting Facebook ads; Levi Struss, Patagonia, and Honda America. Their stock charges got tumbled in the previous week, as the major advertisers further joined them in the boycott.

Here, we should remember that Facebook gained a minimum of $17 billion in marketing profit in just a single quarter; losing major firms is a big loss, however, their main sale amount comes from small firms that are in millions and they heavily depend on Facebook.

facebook add decline due to boycott

Such Hate Speech over Facebook has also fueled a genocide of 2017 which was against the Rohingya Muslims. A gunman live-streamed the mosque shootings on a social media platform held in New Zealand.

Facebook also added the Breitbart News in its information service as a reliable source. The Daily Caller is among their information evaluating affiliations. Facebook has been emphasized for pointing out violence happening against protestors and to restrict voting.

List of Companies Boycotting Facebook Ads

The following are the names of the firms that are planning to stop spending on social media platforms. The few have already joined the boycott against Facebook Inc. after the accusation of some critics.

  1. Adidas
  2. Arc’teryx
  3. Ben & Jerry’s
  4. Beam Suntory
  5. Birchbox
  6. Blue Bottle Coffee
  7. Unilever
  8. Blue Shield of California
  9. Coca-Cola
  10. CVS
  11. Dashlane
  12. Dunkin’
  13. Eddie Bauer
  14. Ford
  15. Eileen Fisher
  16. Hershey’s
  17. Honda
  18. HP
  19. JanSport
  20. Lego
  21. Levi Strauss
  22. Magnolia Pictures
  23. MassMutual
  24. Microsoft
  25. Patagonia
  26. Patreon
  27. Pfizer
  28. Puma
  29. The North Face
  30. REI
  31. Starbucks
  32. Target
  33. Upwork
  34. Vans
  35. Verizon
  36. Vertex
  37. Mozilla
  38. Reebok
  39. Best Buy
  40. The Body Shop
  41. Volkswagen AG
  42. Mars
  43. Viber Media Inc.


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